Lil Jacob Learning Center
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Reading Enrichment Program
Students build vocabulary and fluency in reading skills
Computer Literacy Program
Students are given knowledge about the basics of computers and progress into using other programs.
Mentorship Program
Students are exposed to new things and life skills - Become A Mentor!!
Lil' Jacob Learning Center
Computer Literacy - Reading Enrichment - Mentorship

Why is Lil' Jacob Learning Center Important?
Today's world is a continuously evolving place of technology. In order for our children to have an opportunity at success, they need exposure to the changing technology. Lil' Jacob Learning Center allows students the opportunity to practice using computers, programs, research and other learning tools via the internet. By allowing students access to the learning center, combined with other programs, students are able to succeed beyond the classroom.

We want to Compliment, Collaborate, & Expose
Compliment students on skills learned at school and give additional practice time in a fun learning environment.
Collaborate with local businesses, community leaders and other organizations to offer students opportunities learn about Eudora, the businesses, potential jobs and give back to the community.
Expose students to other cultures, opportunities and technologies.